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Thursday, January 20, 2011


The blog will be similar to my old one.
I'm back for a long while hopefully.

Please bookmark and enjoy.


Song of the Day.Alejandro

Thursday, June 10, 2010


COCO Designs


I've been in love with COCO Designs for a long time.Recently they released a new line of summer wear.

Inclinations and I picked up the one shoulder lace dress.I absolutely loved it.

We both put Maitreya Heels with the outfit.Inclinations wore the recent release from Maitreya and I wore the previous.

Inclinations wore her hair she got during the sale at Fri.Day and I got a short hair do from UW.st.

We still have a ton of looking around to do later tonight during Fifty Linden Friday and Rocking Friday.

Happy Shopping Everyone.



Monday, June 7, 2010

Does anyone see anything wrong with this shirt?

So I was scrolling through the blogs and I came across one post that said MiaMai had given out a free gift.In the post it only showed the front side of the tank.I was like"ok that's cute I think I'll go pick that up and look around".I got the tanks and put on the one I saw on the feeds and it said" Slavery gets shit done".I was like "OMG" should I even wear this.Is there like a fine line of what you should put on objects in Second Life?

Then again I could miss reading what it says.I don't think I am?


Song of the Day.Jai ho!




New Shoes were released at Zaara and they actually look pretty cool.

Bam! Got some creative energy back.


Lost My Creative Spark.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

So all this week I've been receiving notices from all these different shops.They must all have meetings and get together and plan to send notices all at once.

I am so broke at the moment and I've been occupied with building so if you don't see as many posts as usual you know I'm occupied trying to create some box in the sky.

I've seen some awesome other bloggers posting amazing photos on flickr though.Those chics are amazing at capturing the essence of certain types of clothing.

I hope to post something soon.So much has been going on within the past few weeks that my inspiration has been blocked.

*Crosses fingers* that it comes back soon.

Have fun shopping guys.Tons of places are having sales such as Emjay,Fri.day,The Dressing Room, and Maitreya just released new heels.

Tc Be Back Soon


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